Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Living Room - get ready

The Living Room
May 18th - September 2nd, 2013
Curated by Justine Ludwig

Collaborative site specific installations by Such + Such, Paul Coors, Terence Hammonds, Guy Michael Davis, and Katie Parker

A bold endeavor breaking traditional museum boundaries, The Living Room presents alternate modes of experiencing art within a museum setting. Featuring local artists who overlap with contemporary craft, this exhibition is comprised of several room vignettes meant to facilitate interaction, occupation, conversation and lounging for extended periods of time. The sitting area features an elaborately tiled hearth as the main focal point, a custom-made sofa, a bearskin rug sculpted from wood and ceramic chandeliers. To create the bespoke tiles and realize the hearth’s unique surround, the artists worked with the legendary Rookwood Pottery Company. Wall treatments incorporating print and projection complete the vignette. Beyond that is an area with a sunken dining table and extremely low hanging light fixtures, forcing intimacy among those who gather there. Finally, the rear of the gallery is conceived of as the “backyard,” where a large tree house takes advantage of the space’s increased height and light. Functioning as a type of living space, the exhibition is only considered complete when visitors occupy it. Additionally, the space will be used to host various programs and performances during the run.

Friday, April 19, 2013

building the fireplace

Our fireplace looks huge! We are getting closer and closer to seeing these pieces upright, and I am thrilled. Steve and Ericka, the Rookwood master woodworkers are building two modular fireplace set ups for us - so we can move/crate the pieces, install easily, and then eventually deinstall. One fireplace is going to ICFF this May in New York, the other to the CAC. This is progress.