Thursday, October 27, 2011

lithophane, round 1

We are working on turning this image into a lithophane. A lithophane is a thin porcelain plaque that when back lit shows a perfect exacting image, "light in stone". So far we have cheated the process a little, and cnc milled an image into high density foam, rather than carving one from beeswax. I hope this works.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Less than one week until our show opens in Philly! I can't wait to see the space, install, and then relax and enjoy the city.
We are taking a few Taft busts along as well, to show Alphonso the sites...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still[ed] Life - installation images

Installation images of our show "Still[ed] Life", at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati Ohio. Our show consists of ten porcelain busts of Alphonso Taft, 3d scanned from the museum's bust of Alphonso Taft, sculpted by Hiram Powers. Each bust is hand china painted with patterns from the museum's collection of paintings, Chinese porcelains, and their amazing Federalist era carpets. Porcelain still lives overflowing with exotic fruits and animals were inspired by the Taft's only recent acquisition, a Balthasar van der Ast painting. A huge thank you goes out to the Taft, the curators, and everyone involved in making this show a possibility.
Photos courtesy of Jordan Tate.

From the Taft's website:
"Inspired by the Taft's permanent collection, Parker and Davis' fanciful and ironic porcelains combine the idealized beauty of historical decorative arts with the realism of the naturalist's eye"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

home away from home, away from home

We have a new studio! A lovely warehouse downtown, with a ton of floor space. I can't wait to work somewhere where I can spread out, print and cut paper at a larger scale, and run around in. Sometimes living in the midwest pays off.