Friday, November 18, 2011

BYOB Cincinnati

Our lithophane at BYOB (bring your own beamer) at the CAC in Cincinnati. Our low tech approach to high tech, using a slide projector as a light source... The show was curated by Jordan Tate and Aaron Walker, in conjunction with Is This Thing On, which explores the history and future of video art. More images from the opening below.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hy-Que Monkey in Captivity @ The Pennsylvania Acadamy of Fine Arts Museum

Here, an install shot from the show HERE, at PAFA. Seeing it all finally put together was a great surprise and relief. The other artists in the show are really impressive and the show is so diverse. We are fortunate enough to be displayed in the main corridor of the museum where there is a ton of traffic. Five oddly grotesque porcelain monkeys are posed within the screen printed backdrop drawn from the Medieval Unicorn Tapestries, specifically The Unicorn in Captivity. Installed much like the Wunderkammer, the monkey is working for us, presenting and chained to curious porcelain painted artifacts that serve as iconographic signifiers to material and process, design, kitsch, labor, and the history of decorative arts.